Been a busy wind down to summer. Haven’t gotten out as much as I would have liked.

Took a trip further south last weekend to visit friends. Took a long hike and encountered some pond turtles, california newts, various frogs/tadpoles, and lots of lizards. Nearly handled a monterey ring neck but it slipped under a log before I got to it. Only other snake I saw was a big ole garter. Will try and get back there some time to get some photos.

The only other notable snake outing was a couple weeks ago. Found a california king snake crossing a road. The way the last few weeks have gone it may be the last snake of the summer.

Looked to be knoting itself near its tail out of fright.

California Kingsnake

Once it realized I was not a threat it began to uncoil itself.

California Kingsnake

Its speedy escape.

California Kingsnake

Herping has slowed down and will probably become once a month or so as I head back to the east coast soon. Never the less, I am always looking for opportunities to get out so don’t be surprised if there is another post before the end of the month.