This short three day heat wave is being kind. Day 2 was a success after seeing 8 pacific gophers (three alive), 2 california kingsnakes (1 alive) and 2 DOR northern pacific rattlesnakes. In addition there were more deer, barn and great horned owls, and another california tiger salamander. Thankfully the ratio of DORs to live snakes has gone down but still is pretty poor.

Tonight’s goal is to focus on finding live rattlesnakes and continue seeing kingsnakes. Research is also being done to figure out what else can be seen on these local roads.

No better start to the night than a moderately sized gophersnake crossing the road.

Northern Pacific Gophersnake

Trying out new roads, I spotted this a kingsnake slithering towards the road in hunting mode.

California Kingsnake

This one looked to be roughly 3 feet and was a gorgeous cream and brown color rather than the true black and white one seen the night before. On the top of its head it had an arrow.

California Kingsnake

Showing off its color and some of its broken bands.

California Kingsnake

Continuing down our new roads we stumbled upon a well preserved rattlesnake DOR. Relatively small one with little damage.

Northern Pacific Rattlesnake

On the way home, ensured a california tiger salamander crossed the road but took no pictures.

Hopefully more to come tomorrow!