Back home, I didn’t hesitate to continue exploring. Even a trip where I see nothing can be learned from. The first one was just that, a short trip up to rocky hills where I flipped nothing. However, the second trip proved more eventful than I expected.

Expecting not to find anything, the first part of my hike was focused on identifying these:

Field with white balls

After closer inspection, and research, I identified it as a fungi called the Western Giant Puffball.

Western Giant Puffball

Elated after a log flip I noticed a San Francisco Alligator Lizard, and a big one too!

San Francisco Alligator Lizard

A look at the front shows he had chomped down on a Western Fence Lizard!

Feasting Alligator Lizard

About to call it a day, I went to inspect a nearby pond. Full of American Bullfrogs and innumerable tadpoles something caught the corner of my eye.

Northern Pacific Rattlesnake peeking out of a hole

It’s the Northern Pacific Rattlesnake from the preview! Unfortunately, I spooked it and it slithered deeper into its hole. On the way in it showed me its rattle which numbered between 8-10 indicating a veteran of the area.

Northern Pacific Rattlesnake